Basketball Shooting Machine Rentals

Take advantage of our Dr. Dish All-Star Shooting Machine to work on your shot. Our shooting machines allows basketball players in Erie, PA and surrounding areas to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball for you! Shoot 500 shots in a 30-minute session!!

Machine Rental: Dr. Dish Shooting machine  $55/HR or $30/Half HR.

Reserve basketball Shooting Machine

Select the 30-minute or 1-hour rental link below. Pick a date and confirm an available time slot. Add your name and email, then make your payment. Simple as that.

Need more than 30 minutes? Repeat the process and select additional time slots.

If you don’t see the spot you want, that means it has already been taken.

Schools and Organizations

FULL COURT: A hardwood floor. Regulation-sized Basketball and Volleyball court. FIBA(New College) & High School 3pt lines. Six Basketball Hoops( 4 Youth Adjustable hoops), Main Scoreboard, along with two portable scoreboards. Great for games, team practices, and birthday parties.

HALF COURT: Hardwood floor, three basketball hoops( 2 Youth adjustable hoops), portable scoreboard. Great for individual or small group workouts, Youth (k-5) games, or practices.

Full Court- $50/HR
Half Court- $35/HR

Contact Shannon Pullium to discuss booking the gym by visiting the contact page.

Dr Dish Shooting Machine Rental